Keith Jones message was terrific; his key points of passion, motivation, love, preparation, character and determination are keys to success for all of us. The messages “start today don’t wait” and “will must be stronger than the skill” resonated with the students. His message was so strong (as a keynote address should be) if it had been followed through the rest of the week it would further impact the students mind set. If there would be a way to keep this message constant through the week (it takes 6/7 times to hear a message before it can be learned) it would enhance the students learnings.
— Ron Weil from Parker Hannifin

Very engaging! Story of how success was achieved was great. The students loved the recipe for success!
— Jon Kim, RockHome Lessons

Chef Keith Jones was amazing! He was so good at motivating students and helping them understand their purpose for the week.
— Charles Bogenberger, Arrow Electronics

The keynote was amazing! The students left his keynote motivated and energized for the week. The recipe for success card was something the students commented on during our initial breakout session as we set up our company rules.
— Susan Chung, Arrow Electronics

Kudos to Chef Keith Jones! Three months after presenting a dynamic motivational/career development talk to our culinary students, they are still buzzing about his presentation! The Honey Smoked Salmon sampled was simply awesome, and several students responded, “....he encouraged us to have as much as we wanted...” The impact of his visit has affected their attitudes towards this profession as a viable career. Several times a week, students ask, “..who has his cookbook? I need the recipe for....” Your perfect pancakes recipe is a class favorite. His invitation for our students to join him a few days later at the Michigan Restaurant Association trade show solidified him as a “Top Chef.” Students remarked on his Chef apparel, commenting that he had another dazzling chef coat and pant outfit. Chef Jones has a unique quality that combines his personal story so that students can believe that with hard work and dedication to their craft, their dreams can also become a reality.
— Chef Selene Toliver, CCE Oakland Schools Technical Campus - SE

It is with great pleasure that I get to write this testimonial about Chef Keith Jones. In my years working with Keith, his passion and knowledge knows no bounds. He has worked with us to train some of the top chefs in the area about the products that we represent.

Make no mistake though that is not what makes that is not what makes Chef Keith an extraordinary trainer. It’s what he does to take those without knowledge and skill and have them bring passion to the art of cooking. He brings people in and has them develop a confidence in not only the cooking but brings the joy out as well. Some of the items that I have had the honor to work with Keith on is:

- Instructing high school children on healthy cooking and preparing great healthy dishes that they can make themselves.

- Working with Food Service Directors at our K-12 schools to develop scratch cooking programs, as well as demonstrate at the shows in person how it can be done with a limited amount of effort and time.

- Working in front of large hotel staffs in understanding the latest and greatest equipment allowing them to become more efficient and productive in their kitchens.

I am often asked to write letters like this but rarely do I because no one meets my expectations. I am honored to say that Chef Keith is one of those rare and extraordinary people that come into your life and change the way you think.
— Carl Kisner, President, Ignite Foodservice Solutions

As an Account Executive for CBS4, I have worked closely with Keith in creating television commercials for the Honey Smoked Fish Company. Keith not only brings an exceptional energy to every commercial shoot but holds himself to the highest standard of professionalism. He continuously exceeds the expectations of the production crew with an impeccable sense of timing and salesmanship in each spot he creates. Keith has a genuine belief in what he is selling and a unique ability to convey his message through the camera. He always works quickly and efficiently but never at the cost of his energetic and smooth energy. Obviously, he is a great representative and face for the Honey Smoked Fish Company but he would have my highest vote in confidence for any business in need of a spokesperson.
— Joe Palladino, Account Executive, KCNC-TV Denver

Chef Keith is a tremendous speaker and has great energy and personality. He’s always well prepared and interesting to listen to. I would highly recommend Keith for any speaking engagement you might have.
— Tim Smile, Senior Marketing Specialist, Broncos/Rockies/CU Football Radio Networks

It was always a burst of energy when Chef Keith Jones would come on to our show. We always knew we didn’t have to worry about the segment lacking energy. He always ‘brought it’ big time. Each recipe also came along with a special name, we always looked forward to that. Needless to say the food was always delicious, we licked our plates clean.
— Joana Canals, TV Host, Colorado's Best

Keith has been one of the liveliest, funniest, and most informative guests on our live TV show, Colorado’s Best! He always comes prepared with creative and visual dishes and our viewers absolutely adore him. I’ve also had the pleasure of emceeing a charity event where Keith was the celebrity chef and it was standing-room-only around his stage, because he’s so much fun, he literally has the audience eating out of his hands!
— Paula Haddock, Co-Host, Colorado's Best

Keith Jones is one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever worked with. As a television producer, I’m always looking for the most entertaining and visual content that will keep viewers watching. Keith knows how to deliver! He is great on camera and in person. He’s well spoken, articulate and, most importantly, fun and energetic. Keith is a joy to work with. He is always on-time or early for segments, comes prepared and can put together a great segment in a pinch. He’s a go-to person when I need compelling television.
— Jenn McFerron, Producer, Colorado's Best

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Keith Jones as an on-camera host in a very challenging video environment on several occasions. He always comes very well-prepared for whatever we have asked him to do, and yet is always ready to deftly handle the many serendipitous situations that live video shooting can throw at you. He has tremendous positive energy, which comes across in his on - (and off-) camera presentation style, and always seems to connect with the viewer in a one-on-one manner. I will be using Keith’s talents in many more products to come, I’m certain, and can unequivocally recommend him for any sort of speaking engagement or role you may be considering.
— Brian Doubleday, Emmy Award-Winning Producer, Greenworks Video

My name is Pete Peters and I’m an Account Executive with Max Media here in the Denver metropolitan area. I’m writing this testimonial on behalf of Mr. Keith Jones. I fondly call him Chef Keith.

My initial encounter with Chef Keith came as a result of my business partnership with the Honey Smoked Fish Company (HSF). When I started working with HSF one of the first people I was introduced to was Chef Keith. I was told Chef Keith could tell me anything we needed/wanted to know about the HSF products. Critical information when it comes to presenting the right messages to our audience. The message our on air talent would need to motivate our audience to buy the product.

When we needed help from Chef Keith, he provided as much time and information as our on air talent needed. Chef Keith provided everything from the type of salmon used to recipes to on air interviews. Here’s the catch. Chef Keith has to fit us into his hectic schedule at HSF. Chef Keith took on this task with a level of energy, knowledge and commitment I’ve seldom experienced when working with business partners. It’s not hard to understand why Chef Keith had great success during his career.

My relationship with Chef Keith has been extremely productive and educational. I look forward to expanding my working relationship with Chef in future years.
— Pete Peters, Account Executive, Max Media

Keith has the unique ability to simultaneously entertain, educate and inspire. A true leader, he commands attention and respect yet remains totally approachable and accessible. We had a line of students waiting after his presentation to chat with him and ask questions.
— Dorian Arnold, Director of Career Services, Escoffier School of Culinary Arts

Showcase Events has been fortunate to have Keith Jones as our cooking show host for the past seven years. When we first met Keith we were impressed by his vast culinary experience, upbeat personality and professional approach. We needed someone who could immediately step in and generate enthusiasm for our cooking programs. Keith has done just that by supporting the chefs while energizing and engaging the audience.

Keith’s philosophy that learning new recipes and cooking techniques can be fun resonates with audiences. It’s clear that Keith genuinely enjoys people and they can’t help but respond to his positive energy. At the same time, he really knows his stuff. Chef presenters and more advanced cooks alike appreciate his extensive knowledge and credibility as an award-winning chef and author.

As a host, Keith is adept at helping chefs promote themselves before, during and after their demonstrations. He reads up on the presenters beforehand so he can provide a proper introduction. Then he asks key questions during the presentations to allow chefs to discuss restaurant location and details, website information, and other important facts. He encourage chefs to bring recipes and make themselves available for questions after the presentation. It’s critical that each demonstration starts and ends on time, and Keith knows how to keep the program moving while still ensuring everyone has fun and learn something new.

It is a pleasure to work with such a gracious professional who understands the business of running a successful event. He proactively brings fresh ideas to the table to keep our cooking program relevant and we truly value our partnership. Showcase Events is proud to endorse Keith Jones as a chef, culinary host, and talent for your organization.
— Amy Heinrich-Kehr, Program Manager, Showcase Events, Inc.

I first met Chef Keith Jones at the Tacoma Holiday Food and Gift Festival in Washington. He was hosting the food demonstrations there and also doing a food demonstration. I was intrigued by his passion in his performance and his dish. He noticed me in the crowd and talked to me about the culinary arts field. He lit the flame inside me that now drives my passion for cooking. My interest in the culinary field continues to grow because of Chef Keith.

Since I met Chef Keith he has asked me to help in his food demonstrations when he comes to Washington. I am always excited to say yes, I get a great experience from it and Chef Keith always has more advice for me. In November of 2013 Chef Keith presented me with my first knife kit to start my career, I use them all the time.

Chef Keith has inspired me to further my education in the culinary arts field. I have recently been accepted to the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. I plan to attend school there for two years then start a restaurant in Washington. I would love to become a Culinary Instructor one day so that I can help inspire people to follow their dreams just like Chef Keith did for me.
— Robin Komora, Future Chef