...when the chef shares his personal story of trauma and triumph, from cooking TV dinners to cooking dinners on TV.

...when he encourages audience members “If you don’t have a dream, then go out and get one, and by all means ­ pursue it!”


Chef Keith Jones grew up like a lot of youth in inner city Detroit. His counselor placed him in a foods class to learn culinary skills, of all things, in a time when young boys were not jumping to get in the kitchen ­ including this young boy Keith. Chef Keith tells his story of being inspired, which in turn inspires his audience ­ from battling poverty and oral cancer, to finding mentors who believed in him and ending up on TV, radio, and other public forums to share his love of healthy eating.


  • ­ From his former high school,
  • ­ Keynote at ProStart statewide conference, and
  • ­ Many high school appearances in several states

Chef Keith Jones currently serves as Executive Chef for Honey Smoked Fish where he represent health benefits and nutritious recipes on local TV, radio, cooking segments, interviews, and advertisement.

Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign

The First Lady brought chefs to the White House to announce the program. These chefs then returned to communities to bring messages to kids and parents about healthy eating by visiting schools and hosting cooking demos, including Cooking Matters, which teaches low income people how to eat healthy. Learn more.

Additional APpearances

Eat Tastefully: Entertaining with Grains & Greens

October 2009, Colorado Convention Center

  • Jones was hired by ad agency to create nutritious recipes and provide a recipe demonstration for 200-­300 audience members of the health profession.

Boys and Girls Clubs

Michigan and Idaho

  • He provided healthy cooking demonstrations to up to 300 youth.

Junior League's Kids in the Kitchen Event with Girl Scouts

April 2006